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Have you been scammed on iOffer?

If you've tried to purchase things on iOffer and been scammed, you're not alone!

iOffer was established in 2002 as an alternative to eBay and other auction sites. Instead of putting items up for bid, buyers and sellers on iOffer negotiate on the price of an item until they reach an agreed upon price. The website allows for free listing of items for sale and only charges a fee when items are sold.

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TIP: Never give out your bank account number to anyone online.

The reputation of iOffer has been tarnished, however, by numerous reports of fraud occurring when members buy items through the website. The common scenario reported by the alleged victims is: they see an item on iOffer they are interested in and begin negotiations with the buyer. After an agreed upon price they send the money through iOffer, but when they receive the item is not what was advertised.

The alleged incidents sometimes can be egregious. For example, victims assert that they didn't just received materials that were not in as good shape as claimed, not the same model number, or some other detail. Instead they claim they receive items that are not even similar. For example, one disgruntled customer claimed to receive a statue of Buddha instead of a $150.00 purse!

Some claim that iOffer perpetuates the scam by ignoring the perpetrators of this fraud on their site. There are claims that, despite repeated notifications of iOffer, fraudulent sellers' accounts have not been suspended. iOffer argues that they provide a seller rating system, similar to other sites like eBay, and that customers should check feedback before purchasing items from sellers.

It's unclear how much truth there is to these claims that iOffer knowingly allows this fraud to continue. If the level of outrage in the online community is any indication, however, the company will need to take action soon. Otherwise, potential customers will begin to be afraid to use the site due to these concerns.

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