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Top Scams and Complaints

Have you been scammed? Have a complaint against a company? Top things people complain about online:

  • Airplane ripoffs
  • Ebay scams
  • Cruise line scams
  • Business/Nigerian scams

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top online scams

TIP: Never give out your bank account number to anyone online.

Online scams, and ripoffs have gotten very common these days.As online sales continue to increase year after year, the number of online scams continues to rise proportionally. The number of customers who report being the victims of online scam and fraud is in the tens of millions each year. As awareness of these scams rises, fraudsters develop new scams that customers haven't yet heard of. By the time word spreads, they've manipulated enough victims to make their efforts worthwhile.

Fortunately, consumers have begun to fight back through the use of sites like and These websites provides consumers with a voice and the ability to notify others of potential fraud claims before the perpetrators have the ability to pull off the scam on larger numbers.

Ripoff Report began in 1998, founded by a consumer advocate named Ed Magedson. Ripoff Report allows consumers to post claims of fraudulent activity or bad business practices in the form of a report on their website. Other users can peruse the claims made against a particular company at no cost to them. This allows individuals to get the word out about potential scams before other consumers have the chance to be fooled by them. It also gives customers a voice when they feel they have been mistreated by companies.

Unlike many other websites that publish consumer complaints, the Ripoff Report does not remove reports that have been posted even after they have been addressed by the company in question. They do allow rebuttals for companies and alleged fraudsters to shed light on their side of the story. The Ripoff Report reserves the right to refuse to publish these rebuttals, however, which has earned them to ire of many companies. To date, has over 800,000 consumer complaints published on their site.

Another website devoted to providing a voice for consumers is People Claim facilitates the resolution of disputes by acting as a means of negotiation where both sides can settle a dispute without the necessity of legal action. People Claim acts simply as a channel by which the process can occur. They do not take sides or get involved in any other facet of the negotiation. This is also a free service; they make money only from advertising and optional services.

Anyone can file a dispute on People Claim. The service helps complainants make their case clear and tracks the process so there is an identifiable chain of communication. The agreements reached on People Claim are considered legally binding.

Ripoff Report and People Claim are both sites designed to give consumers a voice in a world of mega-corporations that make consumers feel like their voices are unimportant. Through the use of websites like these, consumers can take back some of the power they feel they lose in the anonymity of online interactions. While online scams and fraud definitely aren't going to go away anytime soon, consumers can feel a bit more confident knowing they have channels to resolve their complaints. Scammers and those who perpetuate bad business practices should take notice of sites like these as they may come to have a big influence on consumer decisions in the future.

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top online scams

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